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Last Updated: Monday, 4 April 2005, 09:12 GMT 10:12 UK
Welsh least likely to clean homes
Dusting a clock
How often do you get out your duster?
If you are a cleanliness fanatic, perhaps you should avoid the houses of Welsh family and friends.

According to a survey out on Monday, the Welsh are the most likely to avoid getting the duster out at home, with 15% admitting to never cleaning at all.

They appear to be bucking the UK trend, as 83% of people said having a clean house made them happy.

The survey to mark Spring Cleaning Week found just 5% of people in Wales got satisfaction scrubbing a toilet.

In contrast, 14% of Londoners said being able to see their face gleaming in their toilet bowl was important to them.

Cleaning gives 57% of the population a feeling of satisfaction, while 63% were made happy by a shiny sink, according to the research carried out by Omnibus for Spontex.

People with children are more likely to keep floors clean (21%) than those without (14%).

I can't believe that Wales as a nation is 15% more unclean and unhappier than the rest of Britain
Jasmine Wilson

Having a clean kitchen was one of the highest prerequisites for domestic happiness - 63% said it was their first choice room to keep clean.

"The heart of a clean home is the kitchen," said psychological analyst Phillip Hodson.

"If you could see your face in it you'd be smiling. Having a clean kitchen probably makes us feel virtuous, hygienic and safe, but in addition we feel this hormonal buzz."

Aggie Mackenzie, from Channel 4's How Clean is Your House?, told BBC Wales: "I don't think it's true that the more cleaning you do, the happier you are.

"I think it's probably if you are someone who likes to have a clean house, it means that you are generally happier in your own self."


"I think it's important to de-clutter regularly, to chuck out the whole time. When you bring something into the house, take something what again.

"If you have got houseful of clutter and grot then you can't get to the surfaces to clean than and that's when the whole thing starts piling up."

Jasmine Wilson, the manager of Ceredigion Cleaning Services, said: "I can't believe that Wales as a nation is 15% more unclean and unhappier than the rest of Britain.

"I think cleaning doesn't necessarily make you happier, but what it does is that once you have cleaned, there is a sense of achievement.

"A lot of my cleaners have definitely said that as they are going out of the building, the last thing they do is open the door or look back into the room and say, that's a job well done, and that gives them satisfaction."

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