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AM in Doctor Who villain mix-up
Rhodri Morgan
Rhodri Morgan did not expect to be turned into a tree for a politics show
First Minister Rhodri Morgan almost became a tree-like monster in an episode of Doctor Who after being mistaken for an actor.

Mr Morgan arrived at BBC Wales' Cardiff studios to appear on the political show Dragon's Eye at the same time as a group of extras on the sci-fi series.

The mix-up was noticed as he was ushered into a make-up room to become a tree-like sidekick of new monster Jabe.

An employee from London has been blamed for the case of mistaken identity.

Mr Morgan said he had been sent into the wrong dressing room by a new member of staff.

"I was supposed to be going on for a grilling on Dragon's Eye," he said.

Dr Who villain Jabe
Morgan was mistaken for a sidekick of female tree creature Jabe

"This young chap came in from London and said 'Are you the man I am making up as a tree?'

"He didn't know who I was, I didn't know who he was, but it was a very interesting conversation until frantic staff... came round looking for the first minister."

He said everyone had been "very nice" about the mix-up.

A spokesman for Mr Morgan said people would have to watch Doctor Who to see if the first minister did make it onto the screen.

The real version of Jabe and her sidekick are due to appear alongside the Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston, in the new BBC1 series of the cult show.

Set in London but filmed in Wales, it returns after a 16-year absence during the Easter weekend and also stars Billie Piper as the Doctor's sidekick, Rose.


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