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Last Updated: Friday, 18 March 2005, 11:23 GMT
Bobby Windsor, hooker
Bobby Windsor
Windsor was deceptively quick hooker and great scrummager
Age 57, he set up a drain-cleaning, waste management company. He says: "I'll tell you what the highlight was, my father, who was a very shy man.

"The chap who was in charge of all the changing rooms, and there was thousands of people outside, came in and said 'your father's outside'.

"Now that wasn't like my father. I went then to the big five and I said 'do you mind if my father comes in to the changing rooms?'

"They said 'no, Bob, bring him in'. And he came and then he sat in a corner and he was looking around.

"The look on his face - he was so proud of me.

"I know, because in the week that we went to our local booze up, they all turned round and said your dad came on Saturday and he came in and sat here, mate, and you've never seen anything like it.

"He was beaming and telling them that he'd been in the changing rooms and been with the team.

"That to me that was worth it, it was worth everything."

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