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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 March, 2005, 17:35 GMT
New nest built for osprey return
osprey (RSPB)
Last year's nest was destroyed by high winds
A group of schoolchildren are helping bird lovers to build a birds' nest to attract a pair of ospreys back to north Wales for a second year running.

Last year, a pair of the rare birds successfully mated, the first time such an event was ever recorded.

Sadly, the nest at Pont Croesor, near Porthmadog, collapsed in high winds, killing the birds' chicks.

Now the nest-builders hope if the birds do return, the construction will be strong enough to survive any weather.

It is a gamble, as there is no guarantee the fish-eating birds will return to the site after their winter migration.

But bird experts want to get them back, and are doing everything they can to facilitate it.

They have even drafted in pupils from Ysgol Y Garreg in nearby Llanfrothen to help in the nest-building process.

New osprey nest
The nest builders want to prevent a repeat of last year's destruction

The children gathered branches which have been used in the construction of the site.

Pupil Ben Haynes told BBC Wales: "They [ospreys] have never been spotted in north Wales before and they are special to it, so they want to keep them in north Wales."

Fellow classmate Cedri Rhys Roberts was excited about the birds' possible return, despite having seem them before.

"It was hovering about here. I was walking on the road and it just flew past a car - it was very exciting," he said.

Keith Humphreys, opsreys' officer for the RSPB, said: "Although it wasn't a success in the end last year, because the young died, this year we're doing everything possible to ensure that if they do come back - and we're pretty sure they will - that everything's ready for them."

"There is a good base to the nest and there is no stone left unturned to make sure everything's ready."

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