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Last Updated: Friday, 18 March 2005, 11:13 GMT
JPR Williams, full back
JPR Williams
JPR Williams was one of the fittest players of his generation
Age 56, now a retired orthopaedic surgeon living in Bridgend. He says:

"We won the fourth triple crown on the trot in '79, and the general public didn't take any notice of it all. It was like 'well, so what?'.

"Of course, Gareth Edwards and Phil Bennett retired after the French grand slam match in '78, and I was really the only elder statesman left.

JPR Williams
JPR Williams last year asked for a coaching role with the national side

And on the current Welsh side? "Having come through that torrid first half over in Paris, and we know they've got the talent.

"The forwards have come on. They are still very young the majority of the forwards, and they are actually winning their own ball.

"That's all we want, is to win our own set(piece) big ball, but we've got to get the ball wide because we have pace outside, and playing what we call the Welsh way."


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