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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 March, 2005, 06:45 GMT
Vision for future of NHS in Wales
Hospital nurses generic
The views of nurses and doctors are represented in the report
A vision of how the Welsh NHS could look in 10 years time has been unveiled by health professionals and experts.

It envisages new roles for hospitals, better care for patients in their communities and measures to improve health as well as treating sickness.

Organisations representing patients, doctors, local health boards and NHS trusts compiled the document, called A Picture of Health.

The Welsh Assembly Government described it as "a helpful contribution".

Leaders at the NHS Confederation, the British Medical Association, Royal College of Nursing and Community Health Councils in Wales, have been meeting since last July to create the report.

We have lots of health policy in Wales but it needs to be brought together in one picture
Mike Ponton, Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation

The report suggests that, with changes, no-one in Wales will have waited more than three months from referral to operation by 2015.

Its authors say the ideas would improve access to treatment and build on good practice already being developed at a local level, such as delivering chemotherapy at home or mobile treatment units in city centres.

Mike Ponton, Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation, said the report represented "what we know needs to be done to improve the NHS and make sure we provide the sorts of service people will expect in 2015".

"We have lots of health policy in Wales but it needs to be brought together in one picture so we can think about how we can move forward and achieve that," he said.

It was also important for people to look after their own health, he added.

Ten-year strategy

In 2003, a report compiled on behalf of the Welsh assembly said the NHS must modernise or face being overwhelmed.

The study by health services expert Derek Wanless warned that the service was not sustainable.

Over the last few months, research has found that some senior NHS staff lack confidence in the service and an NHS trust chief executive claimed it was not managing to solve its problems.

A spokeswoman for the Welsh Assembly Government reacted to Tuesday's report, by saying it was good to see a partnership approach behind the document.

"This is a helpful contribution to the discussions on how to develop a Health and Social Care Service that is fit for the 21st Century," she said.

"The discussions we have had with the partners who have produced this document have helped to inform the assembly in the development of its 10-year strategy which is to be launched next month."

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