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Partner murdered in 'jealous rage'
Paul Viner
Viner was in "a seething rage" when Donna Brough returned home
A man who murdered his partner in front of her two daughters has been jailed for life at Cardiff Crown Court.

Paul Viner, 45, stabbed Donna Brough, 39, to death with a sheath knife at her home in Tylorstown, Rhondda, after she returned home late from a night out.

Viner was cleared of a charge of wounding Mrs Brough's daughter with intent, but admitted unlawful wounding.

The judge said Viner, who also stabbed himself in the stomach in the incident, should serve a minimum of 12 years.

Responding to the verdict, Mrs Brough's mother Gillian Phelan said justice had been done.

"Donna will never die - the light has gone out of our heart and lives but we will rebuild our lives and make sure that her children will live on in her memory," she said.

Donna Brough
Donna Brough died instantly from four wounds

"Her loving ways and her lovely bubbly personality will live on forever."

There were shouts of "yes" from Mrs Brough's family as the guilty murder verdict was announced.

Sentencing, Mr Justice Roderick Evans told Viner: "You stabbed your partner to death in what was a jealous rage after you had consumed a large quantity of alcohol.

"Rebecca, who by that stage was in effect a member of your family, tried very bravely to restrain you from attacking her mother.

"For her pains she received a very serious nasty wound to her hand."

During the trial, the court heard that Viner, a window cleaner, had been in a "seething rage" when Donna returned home wearing a short skirt in November 2003.

She had been invited to a party at the local Cosmopolitan Club one night in November 2003, but Viner did not want to go.

Stabbed in chest and stomach

Giving evidence, Mrs Brough's 19-year-old daughter Rebecca described what happened when her mother arrived home.

"I said 'hiya mam' and she looked at Paul," said Miss Brough. "She said 'am I going to get a row?' and he didn't answer her."

Miss Brough said her mother, who appeared "merry" but not drunk, looked at her and laughed "as if to take the tension off".

She then told the court how she screamed when she saw Viner pick up a knife.

The teenager thought Mr Viner was trying to scare her mother with the knife when she saw him suddenly stab her in the chest and stomach.

Minimum term of 12 years

Mrs Brough died instantly from four wounds, one of which severed a main artery.

The court was also told Viner may have been suffering from depression when he killed Mrs Brough but the judge said he said he found no relevant mental disorder or provocation which could be considered mitigating factors.

The minimum term which Viner, who was more than three and a half times the drink drive limit at the time of the incident, will serve is 12 years.




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