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Summit on battle against e-crime
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E-crime can be a big problem for some businesses
Police and computer experts in Wales will join force for an event aimed at finding ways of tackling the growing problem of internet crime.

They first e-crime conference in Wales is being held in Cardiff on Tuesday.

From credit card fraud to identity theft, high-tech crime is increasingly affecting consumers, business and even government.

Official figures reveal 83% of British businesses reported electronic crime in the past year.

In Wales, there have been some high profile examples.

Last year, a 17-year-old from Pontypool appeared in court after offering 45,000-worth of non-existent goods for sale on the auction site Ebay.

Welsh police forces, government agencies, and business representatives are attending the summit, with the hope of raising awareness and looking at how best internet crime can be countered.

Detective Superintendent Chris Corcoran of North Wales Police said e-crimes took many forms.

"The summit will help us build on our efforts to combat these types of crimes, helping businesses understand the risks and helping us to advise them on actions they themselves can take to make Wales a safer place to live and work," he said.

"In the battle against high-tech crime everyone has a responsibility to be alert, to know how to protect their technology and report incidents to the relevant authorities."

The WDA is keen to do all it can to help businesses in Wales protect themselves and their customers.

Patrick Sullivan, its Director of Media Technology Programmes, said : "The vast benefits of computer technologies and broadband infrastructure mean that more and more Welsh businesses are taking advantage of the internet, e-commerce, and enhancing the efficiency of day-to-day operations."

But, he warned: "High-tech crimes can have a potentially serious impact and therefore it's essential that Welsh businesses are fully aware of the threats and how they can protect themselves by taking the appropriate security measures."

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