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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 September 2005, 15:42 GMT 16:42 UK
Ghost busting vicar called to pub
The Thirsty Scholar pub in Wrexham, courtesy of the Wrexham Leader
The Thirsty Scholar pub in Wrexham is thought to be haunted
A pub owner called in the services of a vicar after claims ghosts were frightening her staff and customers.

Julie Edwards, who runs the Thirsty Scholar in Wrexham, said she contacted her vicar after paranormal occurrences in the town centre pub.

The Reverend Ron Evans carried out blessings at the pub which is believed to have once been used as a mortuary.

Bizarre behaviour, including objects flying across rooms, have been witnessed by staff and customers.

It is scary. I'm late at night here sometimes and things start banging
Bar worker Nicola Hughes

Ms Edwards, who has been running the pub since May, said there had been a number of strange sightings.

"Crisps being thrown, glasses breaking in your hand - which was really, really scary - ladles being thrown across the room, beer mats on the floor, doors opening and shutting for no reason, the atmosphere going cold," she said.

She also claimed she could feel spirits at around opening time leaving people feeling scared.

"I don't think it's just one ghost, I think it's quite a few that's here.

"I think there's one who's not very friendly because of the things thrown and the glasses smashed and I think there's another one here because you don't always get that horrible feeling when things happen."

Rumours about the pub's history suggest that it was once used as a mortuary, and in the cellar, there is thought to be an underground tunnel that leads to the former War Memorial Hospital, now Yale College.

Ms Edwards became so concerned she called in the Reverend Ron Evans from Connah's Quay.

"I rang the Parish Church and was put on to the Reverend Evans. He was very good and helped us out.

"He put crosses on the doors and I went round with my son and we said prayers with him," she said.

"Since he's been here the place has gone calmer, the atmosphere's better."

Nicola Hughes works behind the bar of the Thirsty Scholar. She said she had also witnessed the strange phenomena.

"It's not so much seeing, it's feeling. I've seen a man sitting by the patio doors in black, I've had glasses smashed in my hands, it's just really unreal sometimes," she said.

"It was scary. I was here late at night sometimes and things started banging."




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