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'I'm sorry' advert wins wife back
Darren Miller (photo courtesy Peter Boulter, South Wales Echo)
Darren Miller also unfurled a roadside banner
A wife whose husband spent 276 on a newspaper advert pleading for her to take him back after she kicked him out says she will give him a second chance.

Emma Miller, 31, said she was "over the moon" at Darren Miller's public declaration of his devotion.

The mother-of-two, from Cardiff, said: "If more men did this for their wives, it would save a few marriages."

Mr Miller, a self-employed courier, said he was even prepared to change his job to devote more time to his family.

The couple's falling out became public when Mr Miller took out the advert in Cardiff's evening newspaper on Tuesday.

I had to speak to her through the letter box because she would not see me at all
Darren Miller

The half-page advert told his wife: "I love you more than words can say. I'm very sorry. I want you back. Your husband Darren."

He also unfurled a huge banner on the roadside near their home knowing Emma would pass it on the way to work.

Darren said the message was the best way he could think of to prove that he had changed his ways and was determined to become more considerate.

Matters came to a head on 13 January when he asked to leave the marital home in Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, after his wife's patience finally gave way.

He admitted he had not been giving his wife and their two children, aged 12 and eight, enough attention, and his work as a long-distance courier was so consuming he even forgot to buy her a Christmas present.

Emma Miller
Emma says she will arrange to meet Darren later this week

"We had an argument and it just blew up from there. One thing led to another and she said to leave.

"When she kicked me out I tried to go there and give her a Christmas present of a tortoise - that was what she wanted - to try and show her I'd changed.

"But it didn't work. I had to speak to her through the letter box because she would not see me at all.

"I have tried to convince her that I need a second chance and I have changed. So that's when I put an ad in the paper."

He told the BBC's news website he could see his wife's point of view.

First priority

He said: "For a long time I was not letting her feel that she was number one. That never was the case.

"She is the only most important thing in my life. I will promise that she will be my first priority and she will always feel wanted.

I think he has won my heart - it's a shame it took something like this to show that he did want me
Emma Miller

"I will have to change my job or something else if that gets in the way."

His actions and pledge appear to have worked because Emma told the BBC that she wanted to give their relationship a go.

She said: "I'm flabbergasted really that he has gone to such lengths to try and win me back.

"I'm over the moon. He is not one to show his feelings. I'm quite astounded.

"It's definitely made me think that there is something to hold on to.

"He has been working for so long that he hasn't been a husband or a father to me or the children. He has been neglecting the home and the family.

"I was coping without him being here, like I was a single mother anyway.

"I didn't want it to be the end of the marriage. I think we need time alone.

"I was thinking about suggesting a holiday with him, to see if we could rekindle our love."

"I think he has won my heart. It's a shame it took something like this to show that he did want me."

The advert has been framed and is on the family's mantelpiece and Emma says she hopes to meet Darren to talk things through.

Denise Knowles of relationship counselling service Relate said Darren's approach was imaginative.

She added: "When relationships break down, communication can be difficult and fraught.

"This guy has been creative and he got his wife's attention in a very public way by showing a lot of creativity and determination not to let his marriage go without a fight.

"It's not something I would recommend for everybody. Like a lot of things, it can lose its impact if a lot of people do it."

This Have Your Say is now closed. Here are a selection of comments that were sent in.

Good luck to Emma and Darren. No matter how hards it seems to make a marriage work, it is worth the effort, as the pain of a split is far worse, especially for the children. I'm very grateful that I have a husband who always makes me feel loved.
Ruth Miller, Ayr, Scotland

My husband didn't get me a christmas present either - but knowing how much i love him and just getting to see him every day is enough of a gift
brie, oxford, uk

Almost every day is like living in a dream with the delightful Lesley. After 34 years of marriage, she still floats my boat. To forget her birthday or not pay her attention would be a betrayal of our feelings for each other.
Pete Cleverley, Rushden, Northants

This story really makes me appreciate how loving and supportive my husband - Damien - is. When he proposed, he whisked me away to Rome for a day and popped the question on Palatine Hill (my favourite place). I couldn't say yes quickly enough!
Catherine, Northamptonshire, UK

I prefer the preventive approach - keep a girl sweet and surprise her at every occasion.
Mike, Vienna

My fiance is in the Army so we spend a lot of time apart. We tell each other ' i love you' everyday and either speak or txt each day. I am prepared to give up everything I have for him and to put up with the trouble of being an Army wife!
Clare, Worksop England

Forget Emma and Darren, let's see more of the unfolding 'Chantelle and Brian' story. Whose idea was the weekend away? And does Chantelle tell Brian everyday that she loves him? Go Brian!
Owen, Worthing, England

Never mind the reconciliation; what happended to the poor tortoise?
Faye, Rickmansworth, UK

Phil, Glad to know romance isn't dead!!! Hope your wife buys you a lawnmower and a pair of rubber gloves for washing up with! Life's too short to score points.
Chris, Derbyshire

My marriage collapsed last year due to similar reasons - too much travelling and not enough attention to family. It's hard when you're the breadwinner I know, but it's not the be all and end all. It's all down to balance. Good on you Darren, there aren't many men who'd do what you've done.
Delia, Bournemouth UK

I prefer the preventive approach - keep a girl sweet and surprise her at every occasion. TLC and quality time and surprise trips are the way forward.
Mike, Vienna, Austria

Can we have more from Brian and Chantelle from Vancouver please? That's turning out to be a story in its own right! I want to know how it ends!
Martin, Inverkip, Scotland

It was my birthday three weeks ago and my husband claims he was too busy to even get me a card, I've just sent him this story for inspiration!
Chantelle, Vancouver

My wife was annoyed about something yesterday and didn't give me a kiss goodbye as I went to work. I sent her an unrelated e-mail later in the day but didn't put any xxx'x at the bottom. The backlash I got was timely reminder not to try and understand women.
Robert Bahrani, London,UK

My husband and I have a great arrangement, I buy my own Christmas and birthday presents. Once in a blue moon he surprises me with an unexpected gift, to me this is a clear sign of love because he hasn't been forced to buy to fit in with expectations.
caron, england

Hmm... my husband failed to mention that I arranged the weekend away, not him and he has been promising to 'make it up to me' for the last three weeks... still waiting Brian!!
Chantelle, Vancouver, Canada

Hmm... my wife forgot to mention that we went away for the weekend and that I tell her every day that I love her, not just on her birthday.
Brian, Vancouver, Canada

It was my birthday three weeks ago and my husband claims he was too busy to even get me a card, I've just sent him this story for inspiration!
Chantelle, Vancouver, Canada

A man in Florida spent $17,000 for a full-page advert in a newspaper. I am not so desperate, nor do I truly know what I would do, but I would guess that sincerity, honesty, and unconditional admission of guilt would seem to be the best courses of action!
Anthony Galasso, Milford, Pennsylvania USA

I'm not surprised he wanted her back so much, she's a lovely looking girl. Good luck to them in the future.
Brian Anjo, Warrington

Whatever it takes, she's worth it!
Tom Knight, Farncombe, Surrey, UK

I bought her a Dyson and a new iron, I'm still waiting to hear whether she liked them.
Phil Royle, Leicester/UK

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