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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 September 2005, 06:19 GMT 07:19 UK
'Support England' upset at club
England poster under a Welsh dartboard
Regulars have put the offending poster under their dartboard
Welsh football fans have been angered by a brewers' poster sent out to Welsh drinkers urging support for England.

It features four England players, the slogan "Your country needs you," and prints "England" in large capitals for fixtures, including Saturday's against Wales at the Millennium Stadium.

Upset members of Penygroes Ex-Servicemen's Club in north Wales pinned their poster under a dartboard.

Carlsberg-Tetley was asked for a response, but have yet to reply.

Saturday's World Cup qualifier is Wales' first home fixture against England since May 1984.

Thousands of football fans are expected in Cardiff for the game, but tens of thousands more are likely to watch it in pubs and clubs across Wales.

But Carlsberg-Tetley's bid to encourage the armchair supporters has scored an own goal with some.

Wales v England poster
The poster puts Wales in the 'small print', say club regulars

Among the English stars featured on the poster are Ashley Cole and John Terry, along with a representation of the English flag.

Twm Williams, of the Penygroes club, said issuing the poster in Wales showed a lack of respect to the nation and to past and present servicemen in the UK armed forces.

"The ones who have been serving (in the forces) and the ones who are serving now - do we deserve just the small print?" he said.

"That's the myth to me - that we are just worth small print."

Eleri Carrog, of the Welsh-language campaign group, Cefn, said: "To send it to Penygroes or to anywhere in Wales with a picture of four Englishmen who play football with an English flag... you couldn't believe that this could happen today."

Carlsberg-Tetley has yet to respond to BBC Wales' requests for a comment.


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