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Race killer case 'clear message'
Lee Mordecai
Mordecai admitted the manslaughter of Mr Karim
Community leaders in Swansea have said racism will not be tolerated after a man admitted the manslaughter of a disabled refugee in the city.

Lee Mordecai, 26, admitting killing Iraqi Kurd Kalan Kawa Karim, 29, in an unprovoked racial attack.

The case at Swansea Crown Court on Friday was adjourned for sentencing.

Naz Malik of the All Wales Ethnic Minority Association said it gave racists the message that "we will not allow them to fester their hatred".

The court heard on Friday that Mordecai killed Mr Karim with a single blow in an unprovoked attack in Swansea city centre in September 2004.

Mr Karim, who was disabled, later died in hospital.

Paul Thomas QC, prosecuting, told the court the lesser charge of manslaughter had been put forward after discussions with Mr Karim's family.

Kalan Kawa Karim
Kalan Kawa Karim died from a single blow in the racist attack

Mordecai is due to be sentenced next month.

But Mr Karim's best friend, Sarkat Junad, questioned the decision to accept a lesser charge.

He said: "If you commit a crime like that, if you kill somebody, if you take somebody's life, you should be behind bars for a long sentence.

"Unfortunately, they have a made a decision for manslaughter, which we don't think is the right decision.

"If it's going to be manslaughter, I think that you will affect the whole ethnic minority community in Wales.

"They are not expecting to hear this bad news."

But Naz Malik, of the All Wales Ethnic Minority Association, has welcomed the outcome of the court case as a "very clear message" to racists.

He said: "I think it sends out a message of hope and quiet satisfaction that the perpetrator of this crime has been dealt with by the arm of the law.

"And to the racists, it gives a message that we will continue to challenge them and we will not allow them to fester their hatred amongst our community groups.

"We will challenge them wherever they rear their ugly heads."

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