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Breath test rise during campaign
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A record number of people were breathalysed by police
Police forces across Wales carried out more breath tests than ever during their latest summer crackdown on drink driving.

The four Welsh forces administered 5,420 breath tests - an increase of 16% on the previous year's operation.

Of those tested, 407 were over the alcohol limit and 11 were unfit to drive due to the effects of drugs - both increases on the previous year.

The campaign was held across Wales between 5 July and 9 August.

South Wales Police 1180/156
North Wales Police 1805/123
Dyfed-Powys Police 1490/74
Gwent Police 945/54
All Wales total 5,420/407

Of the four Welsh forces, the highest number of positive tests came in the south Wales area.

Of 1,180 breath tests administered during the campaign period, there were 156 positive tests or refusals - a rate of 13% - with a further five people testing positive for drugs.

Across Wales, there was an increase in the percentage number of drivers testing positive for drink or drugs on the previous year - the figure rising from 7% to 7.5%.

Chief Inspector Martin Schlangen, of North Wales Police, said he was disappointed with the figures.

He added: "The message is quite simple - do not drink or use drugs and drive - yet people are still choosing to ignore it.

"We are extremely disappointed that people are continuing to use alcohol or drugs and then choosing to drive their vehicles."

'Endanger lives'

Superintendent Julian Knight, of Gwent Police, said there was still work to do, despite his force area recording a 5.7% rate of positive tests - below the all-Wales average.

He added: "These results, although an improvement on last year and less than the all Wales average of 7.5%, are still disappointing and the number recorded as positive is still too high.

"Drink driving is not just something Gwent Police tackles at Christmas time but something that is tackled all year round.

"Campaigns such as these show that people who break the law and endanger their life and other road users' lives will be caught and punished."

In the anti-drink driving summer campaign in 2004, the four Welsh forces stopped 4,669 motorists, of whom 328 - or 7% - proved positive or failed to provide a sample.

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