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Autism group paedophile 'disgust'

Anthony Peter Luckwill
Luckwill has lost his university place and accommodation

The National Autistic Society says it is "shocked and disgusted" at the case of a paedophile jailed for child pornography offences.

Anthony Peter Luckwill, 31, from Carmarthen, was jailed for a total of 25 months at Swansea Crown Court.

Luckwill attached himself to a local branch of an autism support group, claiming to suffer from Asperger's syndrome, and set up a website.

The society said trust "was abused in the most appalling way".

Luckwill, a former media studies student at Lampeter, was also banned by the court from owning a computer or camera for life after he admitted possessing child porn.

The court had heard that concern was first raised at the support group when he offered to make a film of young boys with Asperger's, a form of autism.

He set up the website after he was refused.

The society... is worried that in only six weeks he could be free to reoffend
National Autistic Society

A member of the support group accessed the site and saw that Luckwill had again raised the question of researching young boys with Asperger's and was asking about the colour of their underpants.

Officers of the branch asked Luckwill to shut down the site.

He not only refused but he would not reveal the necessary password that would have enabled others to do so, the court heard.

The police were contacted and seized a computer at Luckwill's home in November 2003, which contained 15 indecent images of children.

Luckwill then bought another computer system and downloaded more child porn from the internet, the court heard.

After the case the society said it was relieved Luckwill had been dealt with, but it was "worried that in only six weeks he could be free to reoffend".

In a statement, the society said: "Support groups are, by definition, trusting and open in their activities, particularly when offering help to people on the autistic spectrum.

"In this particular case that trust was abused in the most appalling way."

Luckwill had first been made the subject of a three year community rehabilitation order in July 2003 for a first set of offences, but carried on undeterred.

He must attend a sex offenders' work programme and register with the police as a sex offender for the next 10 years.

Frank Phillips, defending, said Luckwill genuinely had Asperger's.

But Judge Keith Thomas said while that might be the case he did not accept that Luckwill had a syndrome connected with his offending.

The society said the judge had made it clear in court that there was no evidence to suggest Asperger's was responsible for Luckwill's offences.

It planned a dedicated awareness campaign on autism and the criminal justice system in the new year.

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