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Drink-drive detective back in job
Drink-drive test (generic)
South Wales Police said Russell Gardner's case was exceptional
A detective who lost his job with South Wales Police after admitting drink driving is to be reinstated with the force.

Russell Gardner, 40, was banned from the road for 16 months and fined 150 for being more than twice the limit.

The detective constable has been reinstated after a review of the case by Chief Constable Barbara Wilding.

The details have emerged on the day South Wales Police launched their Christmas anti-drink drive campaign.

The force said his case has been studied by the Professional Standards Department (PSD).

Chief Superintendent Dave Jenkins, of the PSD, said: "Having reviewed the findings, the Chief Constable considers that there are exceptional circumstances and has decided to re-instate Dc Gardener to duties."

Deputy Chief Constable Paul Wood added: "We actively target drink driving and our officers will and have arrested colleagues who are over the limit."

Cases are taken to court and are dealt with in the same way as everyone else.

"Officers found guilty of any crime will be subject to the official disciplinary process which may include appearances before a tribunal."

'Exceptional circumstances'

He said that Home Office guidelines exist which are applicable to serving police staff and police officers.

Mr Wood added: "Where there are no aggravating features, such as an officer trying to evade arrest, there is a discretion not to dismiss an officer where there are exceptional circumstances.

"Such circumstances will vary in each case and would be considered on an individual basis.

"Circumstances will vary and while we would not discuss certain details of any individual cases they would be considered on a case-by-case basis."

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