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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 December, 2004, 19:32 GMT
AM expelled for 'Mrs Windsor' jibe
Leanne Wood AM
Leanne Wood questions Lord Elis-Thomas' ruling in the assembly
A Plaid Cymru AM has become the first to be ordered out of the Welsh assembly chamber after calling the Queen "Mrs Windsor".

Leanne Wood refused to withdraw the remark, made during a debate on the Queen's Speech.

Presiding Office Lord Elis-Thomas then told her to "withdraw" for the rest of the day, and she left, accompanied by some other Plaid AMs.

Later she said she was treated unfairly and the expulsion was unnecessary.

Ms Wood, who was elected as an AM for South Wales Central last year, is the first AM to be expelled since the assembly began sitting in May 1999.

My constituents will see that remark as childish and offensive and I'm sure many others will too
Leighton Andrews, Labour AM
AMs were debating the implications of the UK government's proposals for Wales when Ms Wood attacked Labour on security issues.

Lord Elis-Thomas
Lord Elis-Thomas tells Ms Wood she has to leave the chamber
She said: "We are more at risk now than we have ever, ever been before and the measures outlined in Mrs Windsor's speech will not address this risk."

At the end of Wednesday's debate Rhondda Labour AM Leighton Andrews asked Lord Elis-Thomas if the remark was appropriate.

Mr Andrews said: "I'm sure that in a week when the Queen has been in Cardiff to open the Wales Millennium Centre my constituents will see that remark as childish and offensive and I'm sure many others will too."

I called her that because that's her name
Leanne Wood AM

Lord Elis-Thomas, who is also a Plaid AM, had not been in the chair when the remark was made. The seat had been occupied at the time by his deputy, Forward Wales AM John Marek.

Lord Elis-Thomas said he had consulted the record and he had also taken advice.

He asked Ms Wood to withdraw the remark on the grounds of discourtesy.

Leanne Wood and other Plaid Cymru AMs
Ms Wood leaves, with fellow Plaid AMs in support
She refused, and was told to leave the chamber, in accordance with assembly standing orders.

Ms Wood, who is heavily pregnant, did not attend the Queen's last visit to the assembly in May 2003.

She said later: "I don't recognise the Queen.

"It is consistent with the position that I have held for a very long time. Last time I boycotted her visit.

"I don't think I was treated fairly, I don't think it was necessary.

"I called her that because that's her name."


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