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Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 November, 2004, 17:53 GMT
Talks sought over quango cuts
Welsh assembly

The Welsh Language Board is seeking consultation with the Welsh assembly government after the announcement it would be scrapped.

The board, along with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority ACCAC and Health Professions Wales, will have its duties and staff transferred to the assembly government.

First Minister Rhodri Morgan unveiled the plan on Tuesday.

It follows a review of the future of unelected bodies in Wales.


Welsh Language Board

In a statement, the Welsh Language Board said it recognised the "the Welsh assembly government's policy of reforming public bodies".

"The board will want to fully discuss with the [assembly government] the process of handing over its responsibilities and duties, and the way in which the language schemes will be monitored in general.

"The board will work with the Welsh assembly government during this period to safeguard the interests of its staff members."

The statement also said the board had contributed "greatly to reviving the Welsh language over the past decade" and would "seek assurances that this momentum will continue under any new system".

Chair Meri Huws told BBC Wales the gains of recent years had to be protected.

Health Professions Wales

Chair David Jenkins: "Health Professions Wales welcomes the opportunity to continue its work in support of the modernisation of the NHS and development of the healthcare workforce in Wales"

He said he was pleased to be reacting to the news that a new workforce development unit was being set up.

"We also look forward to the immediate challenges facing HPW in the next fifteen months, including ensuring a successful transfer to the new structure," he added.


Sports Council for Wales

Chairman Philip Carling said partners, stakeholders and council members would see this "as an excellent outcome for sport in Wales".

"It is clearly right that the Welsh assembly government should play a stronger role in setting policy and strategy for sport and recreation in Wales and this will redefine the relationship between the Sports Council and the Welsh assembly government," he said.

Arts Council of Wales

Chairman Geraint Talfan Davies said the statement raised many issues for the council and the future of its staff.

"We welcome the proposed creation of a Culture Board," he said.

"However, we have serious concerns about several aspects of the proposals. We will be seeking an early meeting with Ministers to gain more clarity on the proposals.

"We will work to ensure that both our staff and the whole of the creative community in Wales are fully supported throughout any change."

Countryside Council for Wales

The council's governing council has welcomed the fact that the organisation is to remain an independent adviser to government.

The council also accepts the assembly's decision to take over the running of the Tir Gofal agri-environment scheme (in 2007), which CCW has run for the last six years.

John Lloyd Jones, CCW's Chairman said: "Our priority now is to make this period of transition as smooth as possible for both [Tir Gofal] agreement holders and our staff who are affected."


Care Council for Wales

The Care Council for Wales has welcomed the announcement, which confirmed there will be no change to its status and functions.

Council chair Mutale Nyoni said: "The outcome means that the Care Council can continue with its responsibilities of registering social care workers in Wales and implementing the regulatory and conduct arrangements as part of the wider agenda to improve the safeguards for people who use social care services in Wales."

The National Library of Wales

The National Library of Wales said it was "pleased that the importance of its historic role as an independent custodian of the documentary cultural heritage of Wales has been confirmed".

National Museums and Galleries of Wales

NMGW President, Paul Loveluck, said: "We are delighted with the First Minister's announcement that NMGW will remain at arm's length from the Welsh assembly government.

"We believe that this is the correct decision for the museums, democratic government and the people of Wales."


Next step in 'quango bonfire'
Talks over legislation to abolish several major quangos begins




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