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Last Updated: Sunday, 28 November, 2004, 16:17 GMT
Quango 'bonfire' faces opposition
The three quango logos
More quangos could be cut under the plans
The Welsh Assembly Government's proposed "bonfire of the quangos" could face a series of serious legal and practical obstacles.

A survey by BBC Wales' Maniffesto programme found that all 12 threatened bodies had voiced strong opposition to the plans.

The assembly government - which announces the results of a review on Tuesday - said it carried out a consultation with each body. Many of the bodies are questioning whether the assembly actually has the power to abolish them.

Maniffesto, broadcast on S4C on Sunday, pointed out that two of the quangos that are under threat were actually established by under the present assembly government.

One of them, Health Centre Wales, does not even exist yet, while another only came into existence 13 days before Mr Morgan announced its proposed abolition.

Meanwhile the National Museums and Galleries of Wales, along with seven other quangos, have begun questioning whether the assembly government has the power to abolish them.

And they have also warned that abolition could undermine the charitable status of some of the organisations.

In July this year, First Minister Rhodri Morgan said that most Welsh quangos would be abolished within two years.

Quangos - quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations - are semi-independent agencies of the assembly government.

Mr Morgan said an announcement would be made this autumn on which organisations would come under the control of the assembly government.

He has already said the Welsh Development Agency, the Wales Tourist Board and the post-16 education body, Elwa, will cease to be by 2006.


Next step in 'quango bonfire'
Talks over legislation to abolish several major quangos begins




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