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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 November, 2004, 21:16 GMT
Dating firm dumps eligible ex-miner
Clive Worth
Mr Worth said he had almost 200 names in his little black book
A man who claims to have dated almost 200 women has been banned by the agency which introduced many of them to him.

Clive Worth, 55, from Pontyates near Llanelli, has been removed from the books of the online agency after going out with scores of its customers.

The agency said they had removed the retired miner from their database because he "lacks commitment".

But Mr Worth is unrepentant. He said he plans to sign up with another agency and keep on dating.

He said: "I am gutted about being kicked out. I've done nothing wrong.

"The agency said they had received complaints because women were travelling to meet me and wanted commitment, but I didn't.

There's lots of dating sites on the internet - I'm going to carry on until I'm 80
Clive Worth

"But it's just that I haven't met the right woman yet."

The agency, DatingDirect.com, said they had put Mr Worth in touch with 119 women since he joined five years ago.

The divorcee said he keeps three little black books containing e-mail addresses and claimed the number of women he had met was closer to 200.

He claimed that he had ended up in bed with most of his dates, who were mainly aged between 35 and 55.

He said: "Mick Jagger's got nothing on me.

Wedding cake figures of a couple
The agency said it would only remove someone after a complaint

"I did fall in love with one of my dates - a lovely lady .

"I went to her home and she had two cats which she allowed in to her bed too.

"She said: "Love me, love my cats". So I said sorry, I can't sleep with cats and the relationship finished. I was heartbroken for a while.

"I had another close call with a policewoman but while she was staying with me I had over 10 calls from other women and she sussed me out.

"In the end we didn't get on because I need my space.

Serious for singles

"The trick is to send out the same e-mail 20 or 30 times and you'll get two or three dates."

Mr Worth said he has pledged to continue dating online and plans to sign up with another agency.

He said: "There's lots of dating sites on the internet - I'm going to carry on until I'm 80."

DatingDirect.com claims to be the UK's largest dating service with over 1.5 million active members each having a detailed profile.

The company website says it is for singles who are serious about finding a partner.

A spokeswoman confirmed Mr Worth had been removed from the list of eligible dates.

She said: "We cannot discuss individual cases but the only reason we would remove someone is if we received complaints from other members.

"Those complaints could be about someone's conduct on a date or about the content of the messages they are sending out to our members."

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