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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 November, 2004, 17:04 GMT
Phone firm sorry over sexy texts
Sally and Stuart Maiden
Mrs Maiden found the 'suspicious' texts on the replacement phone
A phone firm has apologised after a woman found saucy texts on her husband's replacement mobile.

Sally Maiden, of Bridgend, south Wales, found 20 messages apparently sent to her husband Stuart.

One read: "Don't do too much down the gym, save your energy for Wednesday, XXX". But a simple check convinced her they could not have been sent to him.

The Carphone Warehouse is investigating why the texts - to the phone's previous owner - had not been erased.

Mrs Maiden, 34, said the discovery of the text messages at first led her to believe her husband of 14 years was being unfaithful.

We've been married for 14 years - suddenly I thought he was cheating on me and swapping texts with some woman
Sally Maiden

The mother-of-three ordered him in from the garden to give his version what was going on.

She said: "His phone was lying on the bed when it beeped - I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked his messages.

"I felt sick - and then went nuts. I thought he was having an affair. I could have murdered him.

"What else am I meant to think about those sort of text messages?

"We've been married for 14 years - suddenly I thought he was cheating on me and swapping texts with some woman."

The messages included: "I miss you XXX," "Lovely to see you yesterday" followed by: "It's up to you. See you whatever night you want to."

Text message
Outgoing and incoming text messages can be stored on mobiles

The phone was given to Mr Maiden, a 36-year-old mechanic, by The Carphone Warehouse as a replacement for his own.

He quickly showed that the messages could not have been sent or received by him as they went back months.

Mrs Maiden said: "I finally calmed down when he sat me down and explained.

"I could see the dates on the text messages were from long before he had it. But I was shocked at being able to see someone else's messages."

'Personal information'

Mr Maiden said: "I can laugh at it now - but it wasn't funny at the time.

"Sally was ready to chuck me out and cut my clothes up until I explained.

"You'd think they'd clear out the phone before giving it out to someone else.

"It's stupid - a bit like the doctor giving out all your personal information."

The couple said they had a personal apology from The Carphone Warehouse when they took the phone back to the Bridgend outlet where they were given it.

A spokesman for The Carphone Warehouse said: "We are investigating the complaint."

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