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Last Updated: Monday, 2 August, 2004, 06:35 GMT 07:35 UK
Why is Wales on the web?
Do you use the internet for work or for play?
More and more people across Wales are getting web-wise, according to the latest figures.

Recent research by the Wales Broadband Unit indicates that 56% of adults have the internet at home, and nearly 70% have been on the web at some point.

So what are you all doing out there on the web?

Are you chatting to friends, playing games, working, learning, keeping up with news, or building your own net empires around your hobbies and interests?

Use the form on the right to tell us what makes you log on, and we will share the best of your web adventures with the world.

I'm from Aberdare, south Wales. I have three sisters and a brother living in Aberdare. I use the internet to read about the news of south Wales, and other parts of the world. The internet is a wonderful thing to keep in touch with family and friends.
Beryl RAO, Perth, Western Australia

Being a disabled person, the 'web' has helped me occupt my time. It helps me indulge one of my hobbies, photography, and is a constant source of information.
W.H.Hitchcox, Porthcawl, S Wales

Used mainly to check daily on BBC news and keep up with all the Narrow Gauge Railways (mostly in Wales)plus e-mails
Watcyn Wyn Jones, Victoria, B.C., Canada

I met my husband (formerly of Bargoed, Wales) on-line. We spend our time on the web keeping up with what's going on back in the UK, politicking, playing games and figuring out how to move back to Wales next year.
Leslie Woodthorpe, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I moved from Cardiff to Boston in the USA in March this year. The internet is such a tonic. Mostly I use the BBC to access news and listen to the Radio online. I watch the Wales today news bulletins online. The 'week in pictures' is another favorite of mine. I chat with my family in Cardiff and send pictures back and forth. If I have a day trip to a nice place, my family in Cardiff get the pictures within moments of getting back home. My most prolific e-mailer is my 83-year-old grandfather who got his first computer earlier this year and after he has visited the Boston newspapers online we like to discuss current news events. The internet is a great medium.
Mark Martin, Boston USA

Keep in touch with family and friends, and find info online and reading all about Wales where I was born.
Catherine Moore, Inverness FL, USA

I work for a computer company, and for the past two years I've been working from home, connected to colleagues all round the world through my broadband connection. I'm writing this while I'm watching a live demo of software from some colleagues in the US. I'm connected for all my working hours, and I also use the internet for banking, paying bills, shopping and just for browsing.
Catherine, Haverfordwest

What am I doing on the web? Generally, shopping, banking, research, e-mailing, message boards and news reading. But most of all, keeping up with developments at my beloved Swansea City AFC.
Simon Gillings, Port Talbot

I do everything from banking, research for work and uni, downloading music, online gaming, shopping, find out the local news and keep in touch with friends all over the world. I can't imagine a life without it
Teleri, Cardiff, Wales

I use the web in my spare time to build my own internet business. I have used the internet for over five years and have seen it grow so quickly it's great. Long may it continue.
Mark Baker, Barry

Banking, shopping, e-mail, listen to BBC Radio, watch BBC news, research for work, holiday hunting, technology news, upgrading software, patching computers. Accessing work from home so that I can work out of hours and still see my kids. Acting as free tech support for my entire family :( Kids play games, listen to music, research for homework. Wife, email, research and shopping. The internet has been around my house for years. Working in IT, the internet is my most valuable tool bar none.
Athlyn Evans, Bridgend

I use the internet to access my banking, utility bills - gas, electric, telephone, shopping, research and news items. Also keeping in touch with family and friends
Debra Carbis, Cardiff, South Wales

I use the web for many different reason, mainly for work purposes at the minute, but it is very handy for research at uni becasuse you can find the information that you are after so much quicker. I also use the web for shopping, emailing family and friends and catching up on local news.
Dean Thorne, Aberystwyth

What am I doing on the web? Shopping, banking, e-mailing, video conferencing, message boarding, news reading, Playing on Xbox Live and generally have a jolly time. The best thing about shopping on the web? Vast choice, and no general public!
James Lewis, Newport, south Wales, UK

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