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Urban myths: tell us yours

Most of us have heard bizarre and scary stories that have supposedly happened to friends of friends, but cannot quite be pinned down.

Experts on these urban myths, or legends, are at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, this week to discuss the appeal of these tales.

Of course, these stories of tarantulas lurking in pot plants and a late grandmother strapped to the roof of a car which is then stolen might be true. But they probably aren't.

A selection of the stories you sent us are reproduced below.

Your comments:

Best one I've heard is the one about a middle aged woman goes on her first overseas holiday, she's having a really good time but in the hot weather she's bitten by a fly but thinks nothing more of it. When she returns she develops a boil on her face. The boil gets bigger and bigger so she goes to see her doctor. When he examines it under a strong light he can see something moving just below the skin. When he lances the boil lots of maggots crawl out!
Nichola, Pontypridd, South Wales

My favorite myth is that people who have internet access on the job never use it for personal internet surfing.
Jason, San Diego

A student in his dorm (this take is from America) studying when everyone else has left for the term, is saying his last goodbyes to his best friend. His friend leaves and around 20 minutes later he hears loud banging noises outside his dorm sounding like someone running up the stairs. He jumps instantly and locks his door, the door knob moves from side to side as if someone is trying to get in. He is starting to panic and grabs a baseball bat for protection, these noises continue. The next morning he awakes still in the seated position of the night before. He slowly walks over to the door and opens it. To his horror there is a lot of carnage and blood sprayed around his flat door and in the stairwell opposite.

What happened... his friend was unpleasantly attacked when leaving his room, whilst being attacked he got free and tried to make it back to his friend's dorm, frantically tried the door knob to get in before the attacker caught up with him. As you can imagine he didn't get into his friend's dorm. Imagine the look on his friend's face when he realised it wasn't an attacker at his door, but his best friend. As for a ghoulish attraction, there is always a twist with most urban legends or an underlying moral to scare people, and of course people like a good story and it's more of an adrenaline rush if it could possibly be true?

Sam Howls, Cardiff, Wales

I don't have a favourite urban myth, I spend far too much time trying to stop the idiot staff at my company sending multiple e-mails warning about the latest myth.

Kate, Exeter


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