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Timeline: Clywch inquiry

Sept 1974 - John Owen appointed teacher at Ysgol Gyfun Rhydfelen

1983 - Member of catering staff tells parent she has seen a pupil in a state of undress sitting on John Owen's lap. Complaint made to then head, who says it has been "dealt with".

1983-84 - Pupil stays at John Owen's house overnight with consent of head teacher.

1986 - External examiner Daloni Rees tries to stop a practical exam because pupil is simulating sex act. She is told by the WJEC (Welsh Joint Examinations Board) to continue the exam.

1987 - John Owen appointed acting deputy head at school.

1988 - Another examiner, Gwynn Roberts, halts GCSE drama practical because he feels scripts are obscene. He outlines concerns in writing to WJEC. He was never invited to examine again.

1990 - John Owen, by this time reverted back to senior teacher status, is made head of year 2 and 3. Same year Mid Glamorgan revised child protection procedures introduced and local management of schools introduced.

Summer 1990 - Senior WJEC officials tell school that drama excerpts unacceptable because of sexual references and swearing.

Dec 1990 - Pupil drops drama days before practical A-level exam, complaining of Mr Owen's bullying attitude and the sexually-explicit nature of texts and practicals.

Jan 1991 - Another pupil wants to give up drama because there was too much emphasis on sex in roles.

9 Jan 1991 - Senior staff take statements from six pupils who allege regular nudity in lessons, simulation and actual performance of sex acts between pupils an sexual assault by Mr Owen.

10 Jan 1991 - Parent makes formal complaint about sexual overtones of lessons and Mr Owen's attitude and behaviour causing her daughter to become suicidal.

10 Jan 1991 - David Matthews, then district education officer is called in.

11Jan - Statements shown to Mr Matthews, who then re-interviewed 3 pupils. No referral made to police or social services.

11-15 Jan - Mr Matthews tells senior staff not to talk to anyone about the allegations.

Same month - Owen suspended and told not to go on school trip to London. He refuses to accept advice and goes to London anyway, with one pupil who had made serious allegations of sexual abuse against him.

14 -15 Jan 1991 - Several other pupils re-interviewed by Mr Matthews. Later senior staff give typed statement to Mr Matthews -- it discloses the commission of criminal offences against children. Mr Matthews did not call in the police.

15 Jan 1991 - Chair of governors at Rhydfelen, Judge Phillip Richards, tells director of education that LEA would investigate and that Mr Roberts could not disclose the nature of the allegations.

16/17th Jan 1991 - Pupil goes to John Owen's house to rehearse a play where he is confronted by the teacher who has a copy of his statement alleging sexual abuse. Pupil feels intimidated.

24 Jan - Owen tenders resignation.

25 Jan to 7 Feb - Statements given to media by Mr Roberts saying Mr Owen had resigned and letters of support for him had been received.

Judge Richards told of resignation and that there should be no disciplinary hearing.

Feb 1991 - Other teachers at Rhydfelen including John Owen's then girlfriend, Theda Williams, send letters of support for him to director of education.

Feb 1991 - Parent writes to David Matthews to say she's disgusted John Owen has been allowed to resign.

Feb 1991 - Parent writes to WJEC asking for a thorough investigation. She is told WJEC looking into issue.

28 Feb - Mr Matthews, in his capacity as clerk to school governors, writes to express concern about lack of information. Governors did not receive information they wanted.

March 1991 - Parent calls in police. Criminal investigation begins.

March 1991 - Another parent requests that Mr Owen never be allowed to teach again.

April 1991 - Owen travelled Wales with a production of Godspell, involving 20 young people.

May 1991 - Owen directs and produces a rock festival for young people at the Urdd National Eisteddfod. (Pupil alleges in 2003 that Mr Owen abused him during that time.)

Director of Urdd asks Owen about resignation and is assured by him that there is nothing to be concerned about.

Matter is raised at Urdd national executive committee. Decided in absence of detailed accusations it would be unfair to take action. No communication received from Mid Glamorgan County Council.

May 1991 - Police inform parent that CPS decided not to prosecute Mr Owen.

May 1991 - Governors told by LEA that no further action should be taken.

1994 - Eddie Roberts resigns from Mid Glamorgan county council.

1996 - Filming of first Pam Fi Duw series starts, involving children 10 and up. Mr Owen writes and later directs series.

2001 - Police begin another investigation into allegations against Mr Owen.

Pam Fi Duw's producer aware of investigation but told by management at HTV and S4C to "continue as before".

Sept 2001 - Owen arrested and charged with serious criminal offences against children.

Oct 4th 2001 - Owen found dead in caravan at Porthcawl in south Wales.

Nov 2001 - Children's Commissioner Peter Clarke announces intention to hold a public examination.

Dec 1991 - Rhondda Cynon Taff area child protection committee decide to conduct a serious case review into the handling of allegations of sexual abuse made by young people against John Owen.

March 2002 - Clywch inquiry begins.

June 2003 - Rhondda Cynon Taff report published.

Nov 2003 - Public hearings of Clywch inquiry.


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