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Tuesday 25 May

Wedding forecast
posted by David | 1631 BST |

Congratulations to Lembit Opik, who is to marry his partner Sian Lloyd. Their engagement has been announced by her agent (that's showbiz, darling) and features prominently in the latest edition of Hello! - "the ITV weather presenter and MP share their engagement joy" as the magazine puts it.

Lembit and Sian are to marry some time next year - after the General Election. Lembit tells me that naming a day before the election could affect the congregation - most Lib Dems spend their Saturdays canvassing apparently.

They may marry in Wales, although the crypt chapel in the House of Commons is another possibility.

Despite Sian's fame via the small screen, Lembit's own regular TV appearances have not gone unnoticed. The news agency which recorded their engagement used his name in the headline and not hers.

Surely Sian won't change her name to Sian Opik...? Oh and Sian... please never ever wear that green dress and gold boots ever again... with or without cameras in the room! Good luck to them both though :)
Kevin Rowe, South Wales

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