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Landlady's 'terror' before shooting
Caroline Evans
Caroline Evans was shot dead in February 2003
Friends of a pregnant pub landlady shot dead by an "obsessed" farmer have said she was terrified of the man who killed her in the months leading up to her death.

Caroline Evans, 27, was shot in February 2003 by William Davies, 59, who then turned the gun on himself.

He had threatened Miss Evans the previous October, but charges of making threats to kill had been dropped in favour of lesser offences.

An inquest in Carmarthen on Thursday returned a verdict of unlawful killing on Miss Evans and of suicide on Davies.

Jane Southard, who found her friend Miss Evans' body in the Red Lion pub in Llangadog, west Wales, said she was worried about Davies' behaviour before he first threatened Miss Evans with a gun.

She said: "A couple of weeks before the threat to kill in October, he started mumbling in the bar when he was stood by her.

Jane Southard found her friend Caroline Evans' body
Jane Southard found her friend Caroline Evans' body

"He started to get funny when she served someone else who was male. He accused her of having an affair with everybody in the pub, which obviously wasn't true.

"October was when he threatened her. He said to her 'You won't reach 28 and I won't reach 60. I'm going to kill you.'

"The gun was wrestled off him and he was taken away by the police.

"I thought he's going to prison, I think everybody did.

"He was given 60 hours community service which in my mind isn't enough for a threat to kill."

Quite frankly, she was terrified. She was very worried about the situation
Mary Bevan

After Davies underwent psychiatric treatment, Ms Southard said he started stalking the landlady again.

She added: "He started in the January. He started parking outside the Red Lion opening times, closing times, right up until the day that he killed her.

"She was very frightened but she thought: 'What is point of reporting it?'

'Something terrible'

"He had told other people that he was going to kill Caroline and kill himself.

"At times, she'd be depressed about it.

"She went as far as to say: 'I know one day something terrible will happen to me and he's going to do it.'"

Ms Southard said that she found the bodies of Miss Evans and Davies at the Red Lion pub after builders had told her they had heard shots.

She said: "The minute I saw (Davies') vehicle outside I knew something had happened.

"I went to the back of the Red Lion and couldn't get in.

"Some builders came round and said they had heard two shots - we all knew then.

"I managed to find a door open to find the scene of Caroline dead and Mr Davies dead."

Ms Southard added that she believed more should have been done to protect her friend in the months leading up to the shooting.

Police at the Red Lion, Llangadog
Police search for evidence following the deaths

Asked who should have intervened, she said: "The authorities - the CPS, police, psychiatrists, something should have been done and something's got to be done.

"This has got to be sorted out so it doesn't happen to other people.

"It's what Caroline would have wanted."

Another of Miss Evans' friends, Mary Bevan, said the pub landlady had been fearful in the weeks before her death.

She added: "Quite frankly, she was terrified. She was very worried about the situation.

"We all realised this, but there was quite a divide in the village where his friends and supporters were in one pub and Caroline was in ours."

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