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World medals for village three
The champions return home to Glynneath
The champions brought home five world medals to Glynneath
Glynneath Rugby club in south Wales is more used to hard fought battles on the pitch than welcoming home conquering heroes.

But on Tuesday the small club in the south Wales valleys did just that for three of its sporting teenagers

Brothers Ryan and James Parry and Joshua Heyes were being celebrated for picking up five medals at the kickboxing world championships in Corfu.

Hundreds and even local celebrity Max Boyce turned out to welcome the champions when they flew in by helicopter.

Nineteen year-old Ryan Parry won a silver medal in the individual event in the championships at the weekend.

Brother James,16, and 14-year-old Joshua both won individual gold.

Hundreds turned out to welcome the medal winners
Hundreds turned out to welcome the medal winners

The Parry brothers then picked up another silver each in the team event after they were selected for the Wales team.

Five world class medals from one small south Wales village is no mean feat as Max Boyce remarked.

"To get all these medal from the one village in a world championships is remarkable".

Glynneath stood still and hundreds gathered to cheer the helicopter bringing the champions home landed on the pitch.

For double silver medallist Ryan Parry it was clear that the competition at the weekend had been quite stressful.

Ryan Parry and proud father Rob Parry
Ryan Parry and proud father Rob Parry

"My fight was on live TV so to the pressure on me was great," he said.

But his father Rob Parry could not have been prouder of his two medal winning sons.

"To get to this point when they're so young is amazing".

There was a real welcome in the hillsides as the sporting youngsters celebrated at the rugby club - with a song or two from the ladies choir.

"We're absolutely over the moon," said one proud grandmother.

"This little town has such credit from these little boys".

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