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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 September, 2004, 12:08 GMT 13:08 UK
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Wednesday, 22 September

Hoops, hi-jinks and hoopla
posted by David | 1310 BST |

More fun on the beach from the Liberal Democrats.

Where else can you find a peer of the realm prepared to jump through hula hoops for the benefit of the television cameras?

Step forward Lord Roberts of Llandudno, happy to pose against the backdrop of another pier (geddit?) here in Bournemouth.

The stunt was organised to illustrate the hoops pensioners have to jump through, according to the Lib Dems, to make ends meet.

Not that the Lib Dems confine themselves to one stunt a day.

Welsh party leader Lembit Ípik flew in to the conference this morning to publicise his party's by-election campaign in Hartlepool.

The Montgomeryshire MP left Welshpool early this morning and arrived at Bournemouth International Airport via Teesside Airport.

A hang-gliding accident in which he broke his back has failed to keep Mr Ípik from the skies. Charles Kennedy describes it as "his Biggles thing".

Chocks away!

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