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Last Updated: Monday, 13 September, 2004, 07:13 GMT 08:13 UK
Iraq soldier's family war anger
Stephen Jones
Fusilier Stephen Jones was due home on leave this week
The family of a Welsh soldier who died following a road accident in Iraq have said they are angry that British soldiers are having to serve there.

Royal Welch Fusilier Stephen Jones, from Llanrhaeadr, near Denbigh, north Wales, died in a road accident in southern Iraq on Friday.

Mr Jones, who died just a week after his 22nd birthday, should have been flying home on leave on Tuesday.

He had married his wife, Zoe, 19, weeks before being posted to Iraq in April.

Although his death was an accident, Mr Jones' father, Ian, has said he does not believe his eldest son should have been serving in Iraq.

He said: "We are very angry, the Iraqi war has achieved nothing.

"We feel very angry towards the government that has sent our lads over there.

"Stephen joined the army because he loved the sport - he didn't have a bad bone in his body.

"He wouldn't have wanted to go to war - to help, maybe, but not war."

"I don't think he relished being over there, he just put it down to being a job, like we've all got over here.

"He didn't see is anything where he was going to get killed."

Letter home

Stephen Jones was due to arrive home on leave on Tuesday, but was killed 10 miles south of the town of Al Amarah on Friday an MoD spokesman said.

Mr Jones' father said the family received a letter from the soldier over the weekend telling them not to worry.

Ian Jones said: "We got a letter a day after we had been told of his death, saying not to worry - everything was pretty calm out there.

"He was looking forward to coming home."

Arrangements are being made to return Mr Jones' body to Wales and a funeral service with full military honours will be held at Llanrhaeadr parish church.


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