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Last Updated: Wednesday, 31 March, 2004, 05:49 GMT 06:49 UK
Superjumbo petition for leaders
A380 Superjumbo
Wings for the superjumbo need to be transported to France
Two petitions are to be presented to Tony Blair and Rhodri Morgan on the same day calling on them to ensure the survival of the Airbus project.

Workers at the site in Broughton, north Wales say they fear for jobs because of a block on dredging in the Dee estuary.

The company wanted to use Mostyn docks to transport its 'superjumbo' wings to its plant in France.

Without dredging, barges cannot use the docks all day. Local MPs and AMs are supporting the petition.

The petition has been organised by a local paper and many Airbus workers are among hundreds who have signed it.

The aerospace giant's 11bn deal has been questioned after the Environment Agency refused the Port of Mostyn permission to carry out dredging.

However, last week, it emerged that Airbus has been in talks with the Port of Liverpool to use its docks to transport the wings.

Mostyn Docks
Bosses at Mostyn Docks want dredging to go ahead
A company spokesman said that Liverpool could only be used as a back-up to Mostyn, not an alternative.

The Environment Agency has argued dredging could have a negative environmental effect on the estuary.

Wildlife recorder Mike Griffiths has said mustard gas bombs thrown overboard after World War II could be dislodged and pollute beaches as far away as Llandudno.

The petition to Downing Street will be presented by Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami and neighbour Delyn MP Mark Hanson at 0830 BST.

In the assembly, Alyn and Deeeside AM Carl Sargent will hand the petition over at 1200 BST.

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