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Summer drink-driving dismay
Drink-drive warning poster
Police had accompanied the campaign with posters
A summer crackdown on drink-driving has left police dismayed that their warnings are failing to get through.

The percentage of motorists caught drinking and driving in the summer in Wales has stayed the same for three years, figures have shown.

Results also showed that the number of motorists giving a positive breath test after accidents rose by 40%.

The four Welsh forces stopped 4,669 motorists during their summer campaign, between 6 July and 20 July.

Of those stopped, 328 - or 7% - proved positive or failed to provide a sample. The 7% figure has remained unchanged for three years.

Drinking and driving is a fool's game
Bob Parkes, Dyfed-Powys Police

During the two-week operation, over 50% more motorists were stopped compared with the summer campaign of 2003.

Police said there was also an increase in the number of motorists who tested positive for alcohol at the scene of a collision.

Across Wales during the campaign, there were 61 road collisions where alcohol was a known contributory factor - an increase of over 40% on the previous year.

Bob Parkes, road safety officer for Dyfed-Powys Police, said: "We are very disappointed with these results.

"It is clear that the message of don't drink and drive is not getting through to some motorists.

Dyfed Powys Police
  • Breath tests: 872
  • Positive tests: 50
  • Gwent Police
  • Breath tests: 781
  • Positive tests: 69
  • North Wales Police
  • Breath tests: 2089
  • Positive tests: 96
  • South Wales Police
  • Breath tests: 927
  • Positive tests: 113
  • "There is mileage in pushing home the message throughout the summer months as the figures are higher during the summer compared to Christmas time, when advertisement and information is a matter of course and everyone knows this is enforced.

    "Drinking and driving is a fool's game and those who continue to ignore the drinking and driving legislation will only have themselves to blame for the consequences."

    Of the Welsh forces, North Wales Police carried out the most breath tests during the campaign with 2,089 administered, of which 96 were positive.

    The launch of the summer campaign was accompanied by posters being put up in pubs showing a police car with the headline "We're going out tonight too - catch you later".

    The campaign also included anti-drink driving messages flashed above the two biggest roads in north and south Wales: the A55 and M4.

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