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Last Updated: Monday, 23 February, 2004, 07:13 GMT
Jones 'sold more than 5m singles'
Tom Jones
World class act: Jones remains an A-list celebrity

Tom Jones' singles sales have put him in the top 30 of UK pop stars.

The veteran singer from Pontypridd has outdone other world-famous acts including Celine Dion, Diana Ross and Duran Duran to land a place in the Ultimate Pop Star survey.

The poll measured artists singles sales in the UK over the past half century.

His success comes as he set to clinch the top performer slot in the 100 Welsh Heroes poll, which closes for votes on Monday.

He is still ahead of Richard Burton in the online survey run by the website, Culturenet Cymru.

The 100-strong list is announced on St David's Day, 1 March.

Jones, who is still an A-list performer after almost 40 years in the industry, came in at No. 28 in the Ultimate Pop Survey with 5,892,220 sales.

Ahead of rivals

This puts him eight places above rival Robbie Williams and even 21 places above crooner legend Frank Sinatra.

The list was revealed on Channel Four's Sunday night shop, The Ultimate Pop Star, which crowned Sir Cliff Richard as the UK's Ultimate Pop Star for his more than 20m sales.

The Beatles came second, Elvis Presley third, Elton John fifth, and Michael Jackson sixth. Madonna was the top female artist.

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