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Tom drops trademark pants
Tom Jones
Tom Jones - covering up his chest from now on
Tom Jones is finally giving up the tight leather trousers and shirts open to the waist.

His son and manager Mark has told him they look embarrassing on a 63-year-old.

The singer himself is quoted as saying he should have done it 20 years ago.

He said: "My pants are not as tight any more, I don't open my shirt so far and I don't pick up the underwear."

The Treforest-born superstar admitted on American TV that he had been ordered to change his style by his son.

"He told me, 'people aren't taking you seriously any more. You're becoming a caricature of yourself'," the singer said according to newspaper reports.


One of his biggest fans is Ann Hughes, from Nefyn, who has seen him in concert more than 100 times since the early 70s.

A member of the Tom Jones Appreciation Society, the retired mother-of-five is helping to campaign to have him knighted and says his look has already been toned down.

I think it's debatable you should wear leather trousers at all. They're not the most flattering on anybody
Sasha Wilkins

"I prefer him the way he looks now actually, he's mellowed as he's got older," said Ann, 62, who was invited to "represent" Tom at the 100 Welsh Heroes presentation.

Tom Jones
Jones The Jacket - a look more suited to his age

"He doesn't go over the top, he wears what goes with his age, which is to dress more in suits these days."

Fashion journalist Sasha Wilkins said it does not matter how old you are - it is more a case of what you look good in.

She said: "I think it's debatable you should wear leather trousers at all. They're not the most flattering on anybody. But if Tom feels comfortable in them then he should wear them, they're his trademark after all."

"What's he going to wear instead? Jeans are even worse. It would be the Jeremy Clarkson syndrome, and he looks awful in them."

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