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Last Updated: Saturday, 7 February, 2004, 15:01 GMT
Art prize exhibition opens
Tim Davies
Swansea artist Tim Davies specialises in installation work

An exhibition of works by 10 artists shortlisted for a new art prize opens in Cardiff on Saturday.

The Artes Mundi (Arts of the World) prize is one of the biggest awards to be offered to an individual artist.

The winner of the Welsh award will receive 40,000, double the amount given the recipient of the prestigious Turner prize.

The exhibition runs until April 18 at the National Museum and Gallery in Cardiff.

The prize will be awarded on 28 March.

Visitors will be able to see work from Swansea-based Tim Davies, 40, the only UK artist chosen for the final shortlist.

Janine Antoni, New York
Lee Bul, Seoul
Tim Davies, Swansea
Jacqueline Fraser, New Zealand
Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Vietnam
Michal Rovner, New York & Israel
Berni Searle, Cape Town
Fiona Tan, Netherlands
Kara Walker, New York
Xu Bing, New York

Mr Davies specialises in installation art work, often based on environmental or political themes.

In 2003, he won the National Eisteddfod's gold medal for fine art.

He is one of just two of the shortlisted artists to come from Europe.

Curators Declan McGonagle and Fumio Nanjo looked at work from over 60 countries before deciding on the shortlist.

"What struck us in researching for the shortlist was just how many contemporary artists are trying to reconnect art practice to what I would call 'life processes' and with the 'stuff' of humanity: history, identity and memory, the body and communication.

'Blue Funk' (Photo: Graham Matthews)
Blue Funk, one of Davies' previous works
"Artes Mundi is timely, therefore, in locating this pulse in the body of current art activity."

The prize is paid for by a number of Welsh organisations, including the Arts Council of Wales, the Welsh Development Agency and the Welsh Assembly Government.

Following the inaugural exhibition and ceremony in 2004, the prize will be awarded every two years.


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