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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 January, 2004, 16:16 GMT
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It's Wales@Westminster weblog, BBC Wales' Parliamentary correspondent David Cornock's diary on political life. It's a two-way process though, so add your comments too.

Wednesday 21 January

Weblog wonder
posted by David | 1425 GMT |

More news from the world of the political weblog.

The prize for the most unusual title has to go to Thumbs Up for Lembit - Ramblings from a professional political anorak. You can find it on http://alexfolkes.blogspot.com/

Lembit (Opik) is the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats. Apparently, the title owes much to a Lib Dem private joke.

Peter Black AM writes on his weblog: "The story behind this legend is now becoming much used in the circles I mix in but alas it is not publishable".

Sadly (?), I don't move in the same circles as Peter - all clues gratefully received.

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