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Brunstrom speed row - complaint rejected
Richard Brunstrom
Mr Brunstrom has been criticised for his crackdown on speeding
The Chief Constable of North Wales Police will not be investigated over the way he handled the case of a pensioner caught speeding - although his deputy will face inquiries over complaints of bullying against him, it has emerged.

The force's standards committee heard two separate complaints on Wednesday - one was against Richard Brunstrom after he called a news conference last summer to berate a pensioner who had criticised his policy on speeding motorists.

Williams Shaw said the chief constable was nasty and offensive to focus on him - but the force's professional standards committee decided on Wednesday not to hold a formal investigation.

They have shown themselves to be toothless lapdogs yapping at the feet of an arrogant master
Complainant Will Shaw
Having watched unedited video of the press conference, a statement by the committee went on to say: "However, the committee had concerns about the principle of convening a press conference in this instance and decided to discuss with the chief constable a protocol to cover the convening of press conferences or public meetings in relation to named individuals in future."

But Mr Shaw remained unconvinced, describing the decision "a whitewash".

"They have shown themselves to be toothless lapdogs yapping at the feet of an arrogant master," he added

The aggrieved 71-year-old retired bank manager from Llangollen wrote a detailed complaint against Mr Brunstrom claiming his conviction was a "complete travesty" which had "astonished and angered" him.

William Shaw (picture courtesy of Andrew Price)
William Shaw was given three penalty points

Mr Shaw lost his 50-year clean driving record when a speed camera in Flintshire caught him driving at 39mph in a 30mph zone last year.

In court, he claimed his prosecution was unfair and accused North Wales Police had misused its powers.

He said he pleaded guilty in the hope magistrates would reject the case, but he was fined 60 with 30 costs and three penalty points.

Mr Brunstrom then called an unprecedented news conference during which he said the pensioner had been "irresponsible" and was "misleading the public."

"My first reaction was utter astonishment - I couldn't believe I was the person he was talking about," Mr Shaw said.

Deputy Chief Constable Bill Brereton
Bill Brereton is currently on sick leave

"Very quickly, that astonishment turned to anger, as I began to take in what this man was saying about me - it was a complete travesty.

"It was totally wrong, and how dare this man make such abusive comments - it offended me considerably I couldn't believe this man was a chief constable.

"More than anything I want a full unreserved apology."

  • In another, separate complaint, the committee examined a complaint by three un-named female North Wales Police staff who alleged that Deputy Chief Constable Bill Brereton used overbearing and bullying behaviour toward them.

    After considering the complaints, the committee decided to appoint a senior officer from another force to investigate the allegations against Mr Brereton, who is currently on sick leave.

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