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Ex-husband 'executed' by wife
Adrian Anson
Adrian Anson was stabbed four times
A woman who 'executed' her ex-husband after handcuffing him to the bed for sex, has been jailed for life.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Denise Lawrence, 47, stabbed Adrian Anson and left him to die because she believed he was guilty of sex offences, even though he had been cleared by a court.

Lawrence, from Tongwynlais, south Wales, stabbed 37-year-old Mr Anson four times as he lay naked and tied up following intercourse with her at his Cardiff home in April.

Mr Justice Richards told Lawrence, who had denied murder, the act was one of "great wickedness".

Prosecutor Greg Taylor QC said: "This was not a crime of passion - it was an execution".

He told the court that mother-of-two Lawrence went to Mr Anson's home in Roath, and gave him a massage while they watched a pornographic film.

Before she went she turned the music up loud to cover his shouts for help - this was a cold, deliberate murder
Greg Taylor QC, prosecuting

She then handcuffed his hands to the wall, tied his feet and put a black mask on his head, before they had sexual intercourse.

Mr Taylor said Lawrence left the room to fetch some lager but returned with two knives and attacked Mr Anson.

"One of the wounds was fatal, penetrating the chest cavity," he said.

"Denise decided to leave at that stage. Adrian Anson was dying and Mrs Lawrence knew it.

"He shouted to her and called for help. He was bleeding profusely from the chest."

Mr Taylor said Lawrence showed "little panic" and went about getting dressed.

"Before she went she turned the music up loud to cover his shouts for help - this was a cold, deliberate murder," he added.

He said Lawrence then drove to her sister's house and said: "I've done it. I've got rid of that piece of filth."

The court heard the couple had married in November 1991 after "a whirlwind romance".

Denise Lawrence
Denise Lawrence was married to Mr Anson for three years

But Mr Taylor said they split three years later after Lawrence, who is bisexual, met another woman and told Mr Anson the marriage was over.

Mr Anson was cleared of charges of indecent assault and gross indecency in 1997.

But the court heard Lawrence "could not understand the verdict" and started to re-establish contact with Mr Anson, telling people she "could not have peace until she found out the truth".

Mr Taylor said she wanted to take "revenge" for what Mr Anson had allegedly done.

Defending, Jane Crowley QC said Lawrence had indicated remorse and distress after contemplating the effect of her actions while in custody.

But jailing Lawrence, Mr Justice Richards told her "it was a carefully planned and executed killing for which until now you have shown no remorse."


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