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Why Zeta won't be 'Groggy'
Catherine Zeta Jones
Some glittering prizes may elude even Catherine Zeta Jones
She's the movie superstar with everything, but Catherine Zeta Jones won't be able to sashay her way into one Welsh hall of fame - even if Jonny Wilkinson is having no problem.

Sculptor John Hughes - creator of the famous south Walian collection of Grogg statues usually associated with sporting heroes - says she is so beautiful that a Zeta version could be too tricky.

Figures of women can take three times as long as men to mould, so Wales' most glamorous export to Hollywood may never be "Grogged".

It is much simpler to do rugby players. And his cottage industry in the Welsh rugby heartland is already dealing with a flood of orders - from across the border, naturally - for Groggs of England's World Cup winners.

When we made Margaret Thatcher she was in a suit of armour and it was easy
John Hughes
Jonny Wilkinson, Martin Johnson and Jason Leonard are all among the figures already available.

Famous men from the worlds of sport, film and politics dominate the Groggs, and Mr Hughes said masculine figures were much simpler.

"Even good looking men are difficult," said Mr Hughes, who is based in Treforest, Pontypridd.

Jonny Wilkinson
A rugby pretty boy maybe, but Jonny Wilkinson is already a Grogg
"We mainly make rugby figures, colliers and things like that, Welsh historical figures. And the more refined the face is, the more difficult it is," he told BBC Radio Wales.

"Ugly rugby players are far cheaper to do than good looking ones. It's always better to do front rows than outside halves," he told BBC Wales.

Discretion prevented him revealing, however, which was therefore the easiest rugby player to create.

Zeta Jones, who is from Mumbles, Swansea, regular features in surveys on the world's most beautiful women.

"She would be very difficult to make," he said. "It takes about three times as long to make a woman - and a woman as beautiful as Catherine would take longer than anyone.

"When we made Margaret Thatcher she was in a suit of armour and it was easy. But Catherine is a different matter because she is so pretty."

Richard and John Hughes with Groggs of the Pontypool front row
Pontypool front row: a little easier for Richard and John Hughes
There are beautiful Groggs, though. They include Marilyn Monroe, but Mr Hughes said she took his son Richard four months to complete.

"The more good looking they are the longer they do take. Marilyn took about three or four months to make.

"When my son made it he was so absorbed by it, he was fascinated by it, he had pictures of her all around his room - and his wife nearly left home.

"He wouldn't finish it. She kept saying 'have you finished that bit?' (and he said), 'no, I like doing this bit'."

No such problems with the rather less glamorous - but equally successful - English rugby team, however.

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