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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 November, 2003, 13:37 GMT
Fuel protesters target assembly
Brynle Williams, AM
Brynle Williams was at the heart of fuel protests three years ago
Lorry drivers have told the Welsh assembly a government decision to raise fuel prices by 1.5p a litre is crippling their businesses.

The Welsh Road Haulage Association has said they would consider a return to the road protests seen three years ago if lobbying attempts failed.

Conservative AM Brynle Williams, who led UK-wide fuel blockades at that time, was at the meeting in support of the drivers.

He said he was looking for a "sensible solution" to the problem

Alan Greene of the association said: "Enough is enough. Welsh hauliers can no longer compete and we are asking for parity with other European countries."

The drivers are hoping to meet the chancellor, Gordon Brown, to discuss the situation.

The association asked Mr Williams whether he would support any action they might take.

A convoy of lorries passed through Cardiff city centre
A convoy of lorries passed through Cardiff city centre last month
He said in response: "We have already demonstrated our power of unity.

"I could call a strike today and have Cardiff at standstill by midday, but I do not want to do that.

"I want a sensible solution."

Earlier, he had said he was extremely concerned a tax rise would have "a disastrous effect" on families and businesses.

"We are going into the winter season and central heating oil prices will rise, the cost of a family's petrol, food deliveries, school transport - all will rise as a result of this government's greed."

However, environmental protesters say the rises are the only way to force people out of their cars.

On Saturday 25 October, a convoy of around 60 vehicles drove through Cardiff city centre in protest at the moves.

The 1.5p rise in prices took effect on 1 October 2003, after being announced by the chancellor on 25 September.

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