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Last Updated: Saturday, 25 October, 2003, 18:06 GMT 19:06 UK
Protesters converge on city
Fuel pump
Protestors have complained about rises in fuel tax
Around 60 lorries have converged on Cardiff to protest about fuel prices.

The protesters are complaining that the government decision to raise tax on fuel by one and a half pence a litre, will hit drivers and haulage companies.

And they warned that the fuel protests which brought the country to a standstill three years ago could be repeated.

The convoy of trucks gathered in Cross Hands, west Wales, on Saturday morning before heading down the M4 to Cardiff.

Alan Greene, of the Welsh Road Haulage Association, said there was a "lot of support" for the hauliers from the public.

Mr Greene added: "We are not very happy with the tax imposed on fuel. Around 74p in every pound goes to the government.

A convoy of lorries passed through Cardiff city centre
A convoy of lorries passed through Cardiff city centre

"Nowhere else in Europe compares. The government has got a lot of explaining to do."

He claimed that there was a great deal of public support as the convoy drove through Cardiff city centre.

Mr Greene added the protest was peaceful and motorway traffic had not been affected.

He said: "It was not our aim to cause a blockage.

"It was a peaceful protest and we didn't want to cause any inconvenience but to put it back in the public eye."

South Wales Police, who had issued travel advice to make motorists aware of the protest route, said no problems were reported from the protest.

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30 Sep 03  |  Business

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