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Why I travelled to see Concorde
Concorde in Cardiff
As Concorde visits Wales for the final time, BBC News Online spoke to the enthusiasts who travelled to catch a final glimpse of the supersonic jet.

After arriving shortly before midday on Thursday, Concorde spent four hours on the tarmac before setting off again as part of its farewell tour of the UK.

The visit gave thousands of spectators a chance to cast their eyes over its sleek lines for the last time.

Tax lawyer Ingo Heymanns, 37, travelled from Switzerland.
Concorde in Cardiff
Ingo Heymanns flew over from Zurich to say goodbye to the jet
"I have come from Zurich and am going on to Edinburgh later - I started my Concorde-watching week here.

It is well worth the journey - it is a unique experience.

It is a special plane and it is the last chance to see it. It also helps brush up the memories of my flight - I flew in August this year."

Jean Burczyk, 73, made the short trip from Newport, but is an experienced Concorde spotter.
Concorde in Cardiff
Jean Burczyk has regularly travelled to see Concorde
"This trip is nothing - we all go to Heathrow regularly to see it - we go to stay overnight.

She is just magical - we would stand out to watch her go by in the mornings [over south Wales].

She is like an icon - she is symbolic of what is good about Britain and she is still airworthy.

We have been on there twice, and on one, everyone was there because they had been given a trip as a gift - it was so special.

Being here brings back all those memories."

Graham Sharpley, 52, from Gloucester, said Concorde had become "everything an aircraft shouldn't be".
Concorde in Cardiff
Graham Sharpley said he saw why Concorde was being retired
"I have always had an interest in aviation as I was born near Heathrow.

I am fond of Concorde - the design work is superb, it is a stunning design and is unique.

But I do recognise it is an expensive anomaly - it is dirty and noisy and is a gas-guzzler.

It is everything an aircraft shouldn't be these days, but in the aesthetic sense, it is a shame."

Igor Zlobec from Cardiff brought his granddaughter Courtney to watch the jet.
Concorde in Cardiff
Igor Zlobec brought his granddaughter for a day out at the airport
"I just wanted to see it up close. The noise when it takes off is worth coming for.

When I found out about the flights, it was too late to get a ticket, but it is a nice day out and to take my granddaughter out for a walk.

It is the best plane - they should make new ones - it is such a waste to make such machines and not use them."

John Lewis said he and his wife decided to come across from Neath as soon as they heard about the trip.
Concorde in Cardiff
The Lewis' travelled from Neath and braved the cold to enjoy the visit

"I had never seen it and this is my last opportunity.

I think it is magnificent - it is a disgrace it is being taken out of service.

It has been worth the freezing cold to see it.

It is something you just won't be able to see again."

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