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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 October, 2003, 14:51 GMT 15:51 UK
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It's Wales@Westminster Newslog, BBC Wales' Parliamentary correspondent David Cornock's diary on political life. It's a two-way process though, so add your comments too.

Wednesday 1 October

Fighting talk
posted by David | 1140 BST | Add comment

Is your AM "an under-employed waste of space"?

I only raise the question after a former government Minister questioned the role of members of the Scottish Parliament elected under the regional list system.

Brian Wilson suggested that being elected on the list was a consolation prize for those who could not get voted in under the traditional first past the post system.

They were, he said, an under-employed waste of space.

The same constituency/regional list system is used in the National Assembly for Wales - and most of those elected under the list system failed to win election in traditional constituencies.

These AMs include Nick Bourne, who leads the Tory AMs, and Mike German, who leads the Lib Dem six.

Perhaps Mr Wilson would be wise to avoid Cardiff Bay for a few weeks.

Tony Boy
posted by David | 1140 BST | Add comment

I blame William Hague.

He started the trend of young political activists making eye-catching speeches at party conferences with his rallying cry for Thatcherism in the 1970s.

More recently, Robert Reed from Prestatyn won himself the tag of "Tory Boy" with Hague-like contributions to the Tory conference.

Now Robert has a rival from North Wales.

David Green from Delyn is New Labour's answer to Tory Boy.

First-time delegate David, who's 18, has become known as "Tony Boy" for his loyal contributions to this week's conference and several on-message media appearances.

He turned up for an interview with me on Good Evening Wales bearing an "I love Tony" lapel sticker.

David was still glowing from a special treat the party had given him - a prime seat on the platform behind Tony Blair during the leader's speech.

It was, David told me, one of those "I was there" moments.

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