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Tanni and Stifyn play down A-levels
Stifyn Parri
Welsh and Music, but A-levels did not change Stifyn Parri's life
Personalities Tanni Grey-Thompson and Stifyn Parri recall their A-level experience as thousands of young people across Wales learn their results.

Performer and media personality Stifyn Parri, who was educated in Welsh until the age of 18, achieved a B in the language at A-level and a D in Music, before going off to drama school.

He said: "If people have not done as well in their A-levels as they could have done, I would say it's not the end of the world. Nobody died.

Welsh Paralympics champion Tanni Grey-Thompson, who earnt two Bs, a C and an E at A-level, said: "There are lots of times when your goals have to change, or the steps in between."

Stifyn Parri's acting credits include a role in Brookside and Les MisÚrables, but the 40-year-old from Rhosllannerchrugog, near Wrexham, now runs his own entertainments firm as well as the Welsh social organisation, Social Welsh and Sexy.

He said: "They should try again or try different subjects. Invest in something for the future. It's not actually A-levels that help you with a job. There are other ways of obtaining jobs.

Tanni Grey-Thompson
Paralympic champ Tanni advises not to make rash decisions.

"I was definitely not an academic at school. The only reason I got a D in Music was because I had a good ear.

"I have never used by A-levels. There are lots of my friends who do have any A-levels but are running their own companies. I also know people with three or four A-levels who are not working."

Mrs Grey-Thompson said: "Probably the most important think is to take a step back and not to make any rash decisions.

She said: "I think I got a lot of pressure from school and everyone else around. It does get blown a bit out of proportion."

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