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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 September, 2003, 13:46 GMT 14:46 UK
Charisma of Cable

By Tom Bourton
BBC Wales News Online

On stage, Stuart Cable's big hair, face-splitting grin and twirling drumsticks mean he can never be missed, despite being stuck behind the drum kit.

And his larger-than-life personality and undeniable charisma is reflected off-stage too.

He may be one of the founder members of one of Wales' biggest-ever rock groups, but he is certainly no diva.

On every occasion I have met him, he looks equally comfortably talking to fans, journalists and, of course, other celebrities.

As he recognises a familiar face, you can see a grin forming as he bounded over to say hello.

And to people who met him, it was no surprise that he was given his own chat show.

I was invited to the Pop Factory to see him when he was filming the last episode of the first series.

Francis Rossi

Minutes before the show started recording, he was chatting cheerily to production staff, without any signs of nerves.

And, despite all pressures on him, he made sure we had all the time we needed to talk.

On one side, a topless Francis Rossi from Status Quo was getting ready for the show, on the other, Peter Stringfellow and his girlfriend Lucy Carr were making their entrance.

He was equally happy chatting to any one of us.

On set of the show, he was just as calm - under the searing heat of the studio lights, the massed ranks of the audience could have got grumpy as they sat waiting for hours.

But a quick quip from Cable between shots would get everyone in the building laughing, and no-one complained.

His natural presence makes audiences love him, makes him the centre of attention, and made him a TV star.

Let's wait to see what it makes him now...


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