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Body plea to wife killer
The Bowens on their wedding day
Sandie Bowen went missing six years ago
Police have appealed to a man who murdered his wife six years ago to tell them where her body is hidden.

Forestry worker Mike Bowen murdered his third wife, Sandie, 53, just hours after discovering she was having an affair.

Mrs Bowen, originally from Kent, went missing from her home in Llandogo in Monmouthshire in August 1997.

Bowen was jailed for life at Newport Crown Court in 1998 after his wife's blood and false teeth were found at the couple's house.

Throughout his trial, Bowen had denied any involvement in his wife's disappearance.

When your mum dies of cancer or anything else, you have a funeral and you can move on. I can't do that
Daughter Anita Coombes
He claimed that after asking Mrs Bowen for a divorce, he left her at Newport where she was due to catch a train to Folkestone, in Kent, to visit her daughter.

He finally admitted the murder in July last year.

But Bowen still refuses to speak to police and has not revealed where he disposed of his wife's body.

However its believed he killed her at their home in the Wye Valley before burying her body in Wentwood forest.

Now on the sixth anniversary of her disappearance Detective Chief Inspector Terry Hapgood, of Gwent Police, is calling on Bowen to bring the matter to a close.

Mr Hapgood said: "I would like Mike Bowen to come forward and tell us where Sandie's body is.

Anita Coombes, daughter
Daughter Anita Coombes wants to 'close the chapter'
"We've come on leaps and bounds since the time of the trial, he's now accepting responsibility for Sandie's death.

"What we need is just that little bit more information to take us to where he's put Sandie's body.

"That will enable us to close the investigation and will enable the family to come to terms with their sad loss."

Mrs Bowen's daughter Anita Coombes has said she just wants give her mother a proper funeral.

"I just can't close the book until then - there's no end to the chapter," she explained.

"When your mum dies of cancer or anything else, you have a funeral and you can move on. I can't do that."

Gwent detectives travelled to Folkestone on the second anniversary of Mrs Bowen's murder for a thanksgiving service for her life at her family church.

Mrs Bowen had lived in Kent before she moved to Wales to marry.

Family remembers murder victim
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