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Douglases' night out in Swansea
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones being led into their hotel
The couple stay out of the limelight as they are led into their hotel
Hollywood couple Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas have been enjoying a familiar haunt on a trip to Swansea.

The stars, making one of their regular visits to Catherine's home town, had a night out at a Spanish restaurant in the city.

The couple are awaiting a High Court ruling on the damages they will receive after an earlier verdict against Hello! magazine over the unauthorised publication of their wedding photographs.

The couple had sold official pictures to a rival magazine, OK! for 1m.

It's always a pleasure to see Mrs Douglas whenever she comes to Swansea
Restaurant manager
They are seeking 600,000 after Hello! bought pictures from a paparazzi photographer and brought out its own edition.

Lawyers for the couple have argued in court that they should be paid 500,000 in commercial damages for the actions of Hello!, as well as a minimum of 50,000 extra each for "personal distress".

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas
The couple sued Hello! earlier this year

Their Saturday night in Swansea included a three-hour meal with friends and family at La Braseria on Wind Street.

The restaurant's website promises "fresh food... complimented by an extensive selection of wines and champagnes to cater for all palates and pockets".

Mumbles-born Catherine, 33, is a regular guest, according to the restaurant manager, whose name was given only as Manuel.

"They were here for about three hours. They had a very pleasant evening," he said.

Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, unidentified man
A pat on the back for Michael Douglas' unidentified companion
"I tried to make it as pleasant as I could. It's always a pleasure to see Mrs Douglas whenever she comes to Swansea.

"She has been here many many times."

Asked if other diners remarked on seeing the celebrity couple, Manuel added: "People always like to comment whenever they see stars."

The couple stayed at Morgan's Hotel in Swansea.

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