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Last Updated: Thursday, 31 July, 2003, 16:58 GMT 17:58 UK
Kinnock 'king' of gardens
Neil Kinnock
'King Kinnock' would tidy the nation's gardens
European commissioner and former Labour leader Neil Kinnock would go around tidying people's gardens if he were made king of Wales.

The Welsh politician reveals his penchant for neat lawns on a BBC Radio Wales programme which vets candidates for the post of king or queen of Wales.

He said his expertise in gardening was not in making things grow, but keeping them in order.

Kinnock told Royal Appointment he would also be party king of Wales and would give the royal seal of approval to Welsh beer makers SA Brains.

But his charity work would involve keeping the nation's gardens in order.

He said: "My kids say that when I retire next year I want to get myself a little van and go around doing people's gardens - just to make them neat, because I don't claim any great shakes on green fingers but I am very neat.


"Glenys says, and she's entirely wrong - but only on this, mind - that my idea of the perfect garden is a closely mown lawn and black earth: nothing growing in it, just neat black earth."

Another of Kinnock's royal commands would be to erect a 100ft statue of a "Welsh Mam", based on his own grandmother.

He said the statue would need a "capacious bosom and a wrap-around apron".

For royal security, he would employ two of Welsh rugby's own contenders for the title of royalty - brothers Scott and Craig Quinnell.

The interview with Neil Kinnock is broadcast in Royal Appointment on BBC Radio Wales on Thursday, 31 July at 1830 BST.

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