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Rhondda memorial for Dr Kelly
Dr David Kelly
Dr Kelly was a remarkable man who made an immense contribution in his field as a weapons expert
Rhondda Civic Society's David Lewis on David Kelly

David Kelly - the scientist at the centre of the row over "sexing up" the dossier on Iraqi weapons - will be honoured with a memorial in his native south Wales.

The 59-year-old weapons expert apparently committed suicide last week after being named by the Ministry of Defence as a source for controversial BBC reports over the existence of weapons of mass destruction.

Dr Kelly, who was born at Llwynypia hospital in the Rhondda, will have a memorial dedicated to him by the Rhondda Civic Society.

His parents - an RAF officer and a teacher - left south Wales for Tunbridge Wells soon after his birth, but Dr Kelly was known to his friends as Dai.

Rhondda Civic Society chairman David Lewis said the plaque would commemorate Dr Kelly's achievements.

"Dr Kelly was a remarkable man who made an immense contribution in his field as a weapons expert," he said.

"We normally dedicate memorials to sportsmen and people renowned in the arts.

"This is the first time we will be honouring a scientist."

Family home

Dr Kelly was found dead in woods near his Oxfordshire home on Friday.

The BBC has since disclosed Dr Kelly was the main source for a story that called into question the way the government presented its case for war with Iraq.

On Wednesday, Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon visited his widow at the family home.

The Rhondda Civic Society is a voluntary organisation, which raises funds to erect commemorative plaques in honour of Rhondda's most famous people.

The group, which has been running for more than 17 years, has set up plaques to former House of Commons speaker George Thomas, and boxers Tommy Farr and Jimmy Wilde.


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