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Luck runs out for giant lobster
lucky the lobster
Lucky has snapped his claws for the last time
A monster lobster who hit the headlines after being caught off the south Wales coast has died, despite desperate attempts to give him a new life.

On Friday, "Lucky" the lobster was moved to an aquarium in Tenby, but was found dead in his tank on Saturday morning.

Weighing half a stone and measuring two feet, "Lucky" had been the star of Swansea Market since fishermen caught him this week.

But the Silent World aquarium agreed to look after the crustcean, after compassionate fishmonger Christian Thomas realised he could not bear to sell him as food.

His body was found by aquarium assistant Mike Batt, who admitted it had not been a complete surprise.

"I was expecting it - he wasn't looking well from the moment he came in," he said.

"His mouth pincers weren't moving - we tried to oxygenate the water, but it was all too much for him.

Christian Thomas
Christian Thomas appealed for aquariums to take Lucky

"I think it was the shock of it all - he is an old lobster who had never been caught before."

Mr Batt added that, even though he had only been at the aquarium for a day, Lucky had already become a star.

"There has been lots of interest - everyone who has come in has asked about him," he said.

Lucky was caught in a lobster pot off the Gower peninsula, and was kept on ice by Mr Thomas.

However, his death means he is not fit for the dinner table.

"They start smelling pretty soon after they die," said Mr Batt.

Lobsters can live until they are up to 80 years old and will just keep on growing - it was estimated that Lucky could be as old as 40.

The Silent World aquarium still has two lobsters on display, called Larry and Dale.

The largest-ever lobster was caught off Canada's eastern coast in 1977, weighing 44lbs 6oz, according to Guinness Book of World Records.

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