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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 May, 2003, 08:14 GMT 09:14 UK
Missing boy appeal goes online
Ben Needham
Ben disappeared in 1991

A mother's desperate appeal to find her son, 12 years after he disappeared in Greece, has gone online.

Ben Needham and his mother Kerry were living with her parents on the island of Kos when 21-month-old Ben disappeared in 1991.

The family are convinced he was kidnapped by an organisation which sells children and are certain he is still alive.

Now Ian Crosby, a private detective based in Rhoose, south Wales, has set up a website to give out information about Ben, who would be in his early teens.

Kerry Needham, who lives in Sheffield with her partner Pierce and her nine-year-old daughter Leighanna, said Mr Crosby's help had reinvigorated their campaign.

"Ben is always in our thoughts - every single day," she said.

Computer image of what Ben Needham might look like (created in 2000)
A computer-generated picture of what Ben would look like now has been released

"We have been following up endless sighting, but until Ian came along, we were at a stalemate - it was always a case of what we do next.

"Since the site has been launched, we have generated lots of publicity and are asking people to help us again."

The family hope that people travelling to Kos this summer may be able to help looking for Ben.

Ben has not been seen since 24 July 1991, when he disappeared from outside a farmhouse his grandparents were renovating in the village of Iraklise.


Ms Needham said Mr Crosby got a message to her through the liaison officer who deals with the case.

He said he got in touch because he remembered the case very well.

"I am interested by these cases that seem to be unsolvable.

"I decided to get in contact, get an update and see if I could help."

Mr Crosby said the site has had more than 20,000 hits since being launched in the last few weeks.

"We are trying to bring it to the attention of people of Kos and in Greece," he added.

Mr Crosby, who also said there was a substantial reward on offer, is planning to go out to Greece to follow up the case.

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