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Last Updated: Monday, 28 April, 2003, 11:13 GMT 12:13 UK
'Offensive' Wales football sticker
England Captain David Beckham
The sticker shows a Wales fan urinating on an England shirt
A row has broken out over a car sticker which shows a Welsh football fan urinating on the No 7 England shirt.

The Welsh and English football associations have both called the sticker distasteful in reaction to newspaper reports which suggested the image promoted soccer violence and was bordering on racism.

But the Scotland-based souvenir firm behind the 1.99 sticker said people should not be offended by the image and denied it picked the shirt number because it was worn by England captain David Beckham.

It's nothing to do with Beckham - we were doing that sticker before he was putting that shirt on
Marc Parker

Marc Parker, factory manager of Eurostick, based in Johnstone, near Glasgow, said the company had a range of sporting "pee-on" stickers, including ones showing England fans doing the same thing with other teams' shirts.

Mr Parker said: "Level-headed people should have no problem with that sort of thing - it's meant to be funny not to cause offence.

"If someone does find it offensive, that's quite sad.

"It's nothing to do with Beckham. We were doing that sticker before he was putting that shirt on."


But Mark Perryman, a representative of London-England Supporters, said the image was "rude and offensive".

"I would not describe it as racist but what concerns me more is that here is a company that makes the point that offensiveness sells very well especially when it comes to football, which I find pretty morally repugnant," he said.

"I go to football to support England - I don't go in order to hate Wales or Scotland or anyone else.

"Football is not like going to the opera to watch ballet, there's a certain tension there, that's part of what makes it special.

"But sometimes there's a very thin dividing line between the passion you have for your team - which clearly involves beating the other lot - and how that then becomes in a warped way, justifying racism and violence."

The Welsh FA said they could not approve of something like this car sticker and thought that it was "incredibly distasteful".

Wales supporter Phil Olyott said: "It's a bit distasteful and it does fuel any existing antagonism that may have existed between two sets of supporters.

"All the Welsh football clubs, particularly ones which play in the English pyramid system suffer the same sort of abuse at every game against England, with references to certain acts with sheep."

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